международная ассоциация
братство полярных конвоев


«The Importance of the Arctic convoys in the Allied Victory in the WWII»

Having heard and discussed the plenary reports of the conference, its participants came to a unanimous conclusion about the need to create an international association capable of uniting the efforts of veteran organizations united by the theme of "Arctic Union convoys". Created by the end of the Second World War, these organizations, having united tens of thousands of military and trade seamen, pilots, port workers, rear workers and patriots of their countries participating in the Anti-Hitler Coalition, actively promoted the heroic epic of the Arctic convoys, acquainted the society with the exploits of its participants, and organizing regular meetings of veterans, became an important instrument of people's diplomacy, contributing to the preservation of peace and the rapprochement of countries and peoples.
The initiative group of participants of the present conference, representing: the Polar Convoy NGO (St. Petersburg), the Royal Belfast Cruiser Association Belfast, the Russian convoys museum complex in Loch Y (Scotland), the “Krassin” icebreaker museum, and a group of historians and journalists, members of the families of Arctic Convoy veterans from Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, offer:
- To establish the international association "The Brotherhood of the Arctic Allied convoys" ("The Immortal Polar Convoy") at the next conference in 2018, which is expedient to be hold in Reykjavik. Iceland brings together the themes of the Atlantic and Arctic convoys and is on the historical route of convoys from America to North Russia, becoming more accessible to American participants from the United States and Canada.
- In the interim between conferences to direct activities to attract new members of the future association (public and government organizations, museums and educational centers), focusing on the wide involvement of young people interested in the topic of military history, and especially members of the families of veterans of convoys, for only in this way can preserve the richest traditions of our organizations and not let the years-long efforts of members of our unions, clubs and associations disappear with the departure of the last veteran of the Arctic convoys.
- During this period, it is widely practiced to expand the scope of activities using such forms as:
a) establishment of twinning links between historical museum ships: HMS Belfast, “Krassin” icebreaker, HMCS destroyer Gayda (Toronto, Canada), HMCS Sackville a Flower-class corvette (Halifax, Canada), museum ships of the Liberty type ( USA)…
b) the exchange of youth delegations (naval cadets of Russian colleges, Cadet classes of the Royal Navy, etc.)
c) organizing joint exhibitions, publishing albums, creating documentary films, participating in thematic competitions, holding scientific and practical conferences and youthful meetings ...
d) coordination of efforts to strengthen historical memory (the nearest project is the installation of the Monument "In memory of the seamen of the Arctic Allied convoys of 1941-1945" in Edinburgh in 2018)

The participants of the conference are unanimous in their opinion: the goals of the conference have been achieved, and the tasks have been solved!
The text of the memorandum is made in two languages - English and Russian. They voted unanimously.
September 02, 2017 St. Petersburg